The MATRIX in Sendai

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What is "The MATRIX"?

A famous film released in 1999. The following "RELOADED", and "REVOLUTION" were released 2003.
Official site here.
Even if you haven't watched the films, you must have seen "Agent smith" with the black suits and sunglasses people fighting.

What is "The MATRIX in Sendai"?

Sendai is the city 300km(190miles) north of Tokyo, Japan. "The MATRIX in xxxx" started at June 7, 2003. Somebody has planned to imitate a scene from THE MATRIX in Tokyo, and this plan has spread through the Japanese largest internet bulletin board "2 channel". About 30 pople gathered for this first event.
The event has spread all over Japan and more people gathered. "The MATRIX in Sendai" is one of those events. You can find what happened in Sendai.
The headquarter site was, but this site has gone.


The movies of The MATRIX in Sendai.


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Reports and pictures of other people.

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